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Remote Backup : Setup

Congratulations on selecting DSC Remote Backup!

Now it's time to setup your "Backup Client" and make sure your sensitive data is being backed up safely. By following these simple steps you can ensure your data will be safe in the event of a computer hard drive crash.

Software Client Installation and Setup


1. Navigate to where you saved the client software download from the previous page.

2. Right click the client and choose “Run As Administrator”.

3. When the “Setup - InstallShield Wizard – Security Warning” pops up, click the button labeled “I understand the security risk and wish to continue” then click OK.

4. The “DSC Remote Backup Installation Wizard” will launch, Click Next.

5. Select “I accept the terms of the license agreement” radio button and click Next.

6. Choose a location to install the software to and select Next (the default location is recommended).

7. You should now see a progress bar showing the software install. When installation has been completed, please reboot your computer.

8. Once your PC has rebooted, your Remote Backup Client will run for the first time and prompt you to setup a new user (or enter an existing user for disaster recovery). Follow the on-screen prompts and fill in all user information. When that is completed you can then register your new username. This will create an account on our server for your use.

First Run of the Backup Software


1. After creating your user account, the software will auto run and ask you to “Create Key File”, Click “Yes”.

2. Choose a secure location to save the Key File and click OK. A window should open saying two Emergency Recovery files were created with instructions on storing them in a secure locations. Click OK.

3. The “Encryption Key Information” form should open now, Click “Print Form”. Choose your printer and click “Print”. Store this printed form in a secure location and fax a copy to DSC. (THIS FORM IS EXTREAMLY IMPORTANT FOR RETREVING LOST DATA - Save this form in several locations, without this form your data can not be restored in the event of a crash.)

4. Close the “Encryption Key Information” form. The software is now ready to do a backup.


Backing up Files


1. Select a file you wish to backup and highlight it with your cursor.

2. Click the green checkmark on the top toolbar, you should now see a green checkmark on your file.

3. Click the Disk icon to save your backup set.

4. Click on the menu button labeled “Run” and choose “Run Now”. Your backup will now run. This may take a while depending on your internet connection and size of data selected for backup.

5. When you have five green checkmarks and everything says completed, click the close button. Your backup is now done! You may now close the backup client software.


Restoring Files


1. Click the menu button at the top of the client labeled “Restore” and select “Select files for restore … “

2. Enter the filename of the file you wish to restore or leave “*.*” to view all files available.

3. Select the file in the right side window by clicking the box next to it, you should see a check mark in the box.

4. Select the restore location by clicking the “Change Location” button, or leave as the default (Default is the files original location).

5. Click the “Start Restore” button to begin the restore of your selected file.

6. A warning will pop up if you selected the original file location for restore. If you intended to install to the files original location click “No”. If you did not want to restore to the original location, click “Yes” and select a new location for the file.

7. The file restore should now begin. In the bottom window you should see the file restore process as it restores each file you selected. When it is finished you will see “Restore Complete” at the bottom of the restore window.

8. The restore is now complete and you can close the restore window by clicking the close box (Red X) in the top right corner.

9. If you have no other backups or restores to do, you can close the client at this time.

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