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  • Why is a T1 better than DSL or cable?

    Reliability. A T1 is a business-class connection with a 100% up time service level agreement (SLA). Conversely, DSL and cable connections are generally "best effort" services. They often work well, but you have little recourse if they don't. If your business relies on its internet connection, you need the reliability a T1 offers.

    How fast is a T1?

    T1s can carry 1.5 Mbps. That means that a 1 megabyte file takes just over five seconds to transfer. Latency is generally 4ms end-to-end.

    Can I get a T1 at my location?

    Almost certainly. DSC offers direct T1 services across Georgia and the United States. Fill out our no-obligation T1 quote request form to find out what your options are.

    What kind of hardware do I need for a T1?

    All you need is a termination router. DSC can provide your hardware and the consulting you need to integrate it into your network.

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