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Business T3 (DS3 Connections)

business_t3T3 connection (or DS3 connection), is great for companies with large bandwidth needs. If your company needs computer access for 50 + users, or needs to run high bandwidth applications like video conferencing, you are likely in the market for a T3 connection.

DS3, OC3, LSS, and other SONET protocols provide high bandwidth connections with good scalability. They are the best option for large data centers outside the reach of metro Ethernet.

How Can Your Business Benefit From DSC Business T3 Services?

  • Moving up from bonded T1s, to a higher level of bandwidth
  • Adding a redundant T3 connection to your existing T3 infrastructure
  • A connection to a corporate office where large amounts of data are going to be transferred to other offices using VPN
  • Hosting a high bandwidth website that needs to be kept in house
  • Replacing an existing T3 with one that can cope with your monthly variances
  • How long will it take for a T3 to be installed?

    Generally, T1/T3's can take on average 30-60 days to be installed. Often they are closer to 30 days or less but we ask that anyone interested in T1/T3 service please take the 30-60 day average into consideration when you are planning to procure T1/T3 service.

    Where is DSC T3 Internet connections available?

    T3 Internet connections can be made throughout the nation, for more information call for a quote or click "Get Quote".

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