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Multi-Station DSL

multi-station_dslIf you have more than one workstation in your small office environment, DSC's Multi-Station Broadband Bundle is the perfect solution, combining high speed DSL Internet connectivity with a wired or wireless gateway.

Enjoy the flexibility of connecting multiple workstations while simultaneously minimizing expense via a single external IP address.

How Can Your Business Benefit From DSC Multi-Station DSL?

  • Enhance the security of your network
  • Allow multiple machines to share the single external IP address
  • Why is distance important with DSL?

    Distance is important with DSL because it is not available everywhere, just in certain areas within certain distances from the serving central office.

    Do I need another telephone line to use DSL? 

    That answer to this question is maybe. It usually depends on your local telephone company and DSL technology.

    (((In the majority of circumstances, the answer is "no"; A single phone line is all that is required (i.e. line-sharing). ADSL operates at a different set of frequencies than standard voice telephones. The difference in frequencies allows both voice traffic and IP (Internet) traffic to co-exist on the same physical phone line. You simply need to obtain line filters (usually provided by your chosen service as part of your setup package) to plug in to the wall jacks you wish to use for normal voice telephones.)))

    Unfortunately, in a few areas with different types of DSL (such as SDSL), the answer may be yes.
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