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Frame Relay

Atlanta Frame Relay ISPFrame relay is a telecommunication service designed for cost-efficient data transmission for intermittent traffic between local area networks (LANs) and between end-points in a wide area network (WAN).

The sophistication of the technology requires a thorough understanding of the terms used to describe how Frame Relay works. Without a firm understanding of Frame Relay, it is difficult to troubleshoot its performance. That is why DSC is here to help, and answer any questions you may have regarding Frame Relay.


How Can Your Business Benefit From DSC Frame Relay?

  • Because virtual circuits consume bandwidth only when they transport data, many virtual circuits can exist simultaneously across a given transmission line. In addition, each device can use more of the bandwidth as necessary, and thus operate at higher speeds.
  • The improved reliability of communication lines and increased error-handling sophistication at end stations allows the Frame Relay protocol to discard erroneous frames and thus eliminate time-consuming error-handling processing.


  • Why use Frame Relay? 

    Frame Relay is usually a much cheaper solution for long distance T1s.

    What is the different between a Frame Relay T1 and a regular T1? 

    Frame Relay is a cloud based service where you may get up to full T1 speeds - some speeds are less where point to point are - but a T1 is always full T1 speed.



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