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ISDN / Dial-up

dial_upDial-up service is available to anyone with a phone line and a modem. With our Dial-up Accelerator, also included in your package choice, watch pages load up to five times faster than with regular dial-up.

DSC offers high speed Business Dial-Up ISDN Internet access with a static IP address for businesses that do not qualify for DSL and that do not require more than 40 hours of access per week. This ISDN service is also a cost-effective emergency backup circuit in the event your DSL, T1 or Frame Relay connection goes down.


How Can Your Business Benefit From DSC Dial-up?

  • Available to anyone with a phone line and a modem
  • Different package options to best suit your Internet connecting needs
  • What is ISDN?

    ISDN is very similar to Dial Up, but it uses stabler technology.

    How Fast Is ISDN Internet Service?

    ISDN is capable of speeds up to 64kbps, or up to 128kbps with both B channels bonded. Just like most connections, it is subject to line overhead. You will generally see in the neighborhood of 80 - 95% of 128kbps. ISDN is a symmetrical line meaning both the download and the upload speed are the same.

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