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  • Why Do I Need Hosting?

    In order to market your company, having a website is a great way to start. With web hosting, we can put your site up on the Internet. So then people can find out about your companys' products at 3am on a Saturday, without having to wait to call you.

    Why should I host my site with DSC rather than Go-daddy or one of the conglomerate hosting companies?
    Go-daddy and other hosting companies charge $5, but the down side is that you get what you pay for. They host thousands of web sites on One server, with very slow performance. Also if there is ever a problem you would have to email them the problem because they do not have any live techs - basically total bottom of the line service.

    We charge $35 per month, but if you ever have a problem you call and talk to us. We monitor the servers 24x7, so we usually know if there is a problem before you do. We keep a spare web server in stock so if something goes wrong we have a backup server. With less than 100 websites per server your connection is always fast.

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